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By Bill Weather - 
WW3 2025 God Given signs

Are you ready for Jesus coming in 2028? 

These strong evidences show that time to be the Feast of Trumpets in 2028, shown in 9 different ways at our main page,

The most recent proof of this was the April Eclipse, how the maximum duration full eclipse time was 4.46 minutes long, so also, from April 8th, till the end of the Feast of Trumpets 2028, Sept 22, is 4.46 years long. That is the maximum duration full time left till the resurrection rapture. If one is not rapture ready by then, they are in big trouble. Judgment day and the wrath of God will hit them. That eclipse told us how much time is left until Christ comes. Not only that eclipse, but in this meme, is shown several other ways the rapture will happen Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashana 2028.

Time of the Rapture

There’s even more to this than you may realize, all surrounding the Feast of Trumpets F.O.T, in the following evidences.

#1 -  Jews have always maintained that the birthday of the earth is F.O.T. The 6000th year birthday of life on earth will be in 2028

#2 -  the true birthday of Christ is Sept 21st 3 BC (Gregorian adjusted) on the f.o.t., same date in 2028.

#3 - the 2 miraculous  #7 cows birthdays converge on f.o.t. 2028

Yom Teruah

#4 - the f.o.t. scriptures describing Resurrection at that time. 1Cor 15:52 - 1 Thes 4:16,17. This video has it in greater detail.

#5 - The 6000th year chart showing 2028 from bible alone, count of years in a 6 step unbroken year count. F.O.T. is that time in 2028.

Bible Chronology

#6 - The many God given dreams and signs of it from some of those signs are amazing!

#7 - and now the new eclipse sign of its maximum full time duration of 4.46 minutes, so from April 8th to Sept 22 f.o.t. is 4.46 years left > maximum full duration of time left till Resurrection.

We have the chronological, historical and supernatural evidences in great favor of this rapture ready view, however, the popular site teaches a pre tribulation rapture which we strongly disagree with. We believe there will be a Revelation 18, World War III tribulation before the rapture. This is clearly shown in the Revelation 18 fall of modern day Babylon, going into Revelation 19 marriage supper of the lamb rapture/resurrection. Rapture ready .com has their order of events confused and is in disagreement with the order of Revelation 18 going into Revelation 19.

Rapture Ready .com also is not subject to the prophets.

 “The spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets” I Cor 14:32.

Before rapture ready .com or any other prophecy web site was up and running, in 1984, 1985 and 1986, we had these 3 in sync testimonies given to us, how we are to watch for Revelation 18 to fulfill. 

Revelation 18

These are some of the strongest, most supernaturally God backed prophecies ever recorded in modern day history, which the church at large refuses to recognize. Their intertwined prophetic testimony, with the righteous men given these, are of the highest integrity. The church is without excuse and refuses to see it in their false pre tribulation “rapture ready” state.

There’s so much more to this at, in great detail, proving we only have a few years left till Y6K end, so the fulfillment of Revelation 18 must soon take place. Being rapture ready for 2028 is a sure thing, based on so many evidences, that when one finally does the research here, their eyes will be opened, that rapture ready 2028 is a very real joy to look forward to.